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Download free classics in their original language with our literary maps of Paris, London, Madrid and Rome

Feedbooks is a multilingual book retailer with catalogs in five languages, including our public domain section, and we have worked together to offer you four maps geolocating free classics in their original language set in Paris, London, Madrid and Rome. Click on any marker and a pop-up will open with the cover of the book, […]

Discover our map of literary London

Oliver Twist, Clarissa Dalloway, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde… One cannot deny that London has its fair share of iconic literary characters and has beenĀ an important background for a lot of classic novels. If you have always dreamed of wandering in the streets of London with Dickens or Thackeray without having to give up the […]

Travel the world with our recommended summer reads

Although most of us do not get two months away from work to relax and unwind during the summer, this season usually calls for more free time, especially time to catch up on all these books you’ve been dying to read. Since a luxurious vacation is often more a dream than a reality, we have […]

Discover our map of British mystery novels and thrillers

In the Mystery & Thriller categories, we are lucky to have quite a large number of titles available in ebook. You will find on this map an important number of mystery novels and thrillers set in the United Kingdom, all available to download on Feedbooks. If you are wondering why an author such as Anne […]

Public domain tour: download free books from all over the world

Thanks to our important public domain section, we have created the following map geolocating the setting of hundreds of world classics. A marker can be located on a street, or, when there is not enough information, on a whole district or village. On the legend of each marker, you will see the title of the […]