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Shakespeare’s most famous plays located on a map

For the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, let’s celebrate by rediscovering his most famous plays, and let’s virtually travel thanks to them! In this time of worldwide confinement, why not stay safe at home while hopping to ancient Rome with Titus, or follow The Two Gentlemen of Verona, in–yes, you guessed it… Milan?

Go to the marker of your choice and click on it to download the play for free, or choose the play from the menu on the left side of the page. You can also open the map on a new page to have a broader view.

Our map of the 2018 World Cup of Literature

Sure, some of us over here at Feedbooks are unexpectedly having a blast following the World Cup games! And, sure, others would sooner shut down the TV and read a book instead… Well, there is something for everyone in our very own map of the 2018 World Cup. Because the players are a little different… Discover the thirty-two contending countries through what they have to offer in literature, especially recent releases, because we always believe it’s important to root for the new, maybe unknown players. Do note that we were unfortunately not able to find translated books of any Costa Rican or Panamanian author in our catalog, so we suggested for those two entries books in their original version!

Click on the blue markers to discover the titles selected.

A map of Latin American literature

Because we lament the fact that less than 5% of books published in the US each year are books in translation, here is a little peek at Latin American literature that has been translated to English. And to make it more fun, books are pinned on a map, so you can travel accross Latin America! Click on the marker to access the book on Feedbooks.

A selection of great reads for Valentine’s Day

You might not want to spend Valentine’s Day on a date, at a bar, or at a restaurant, but would happily spend it with a book… And guess what? We’ve got you covered.
With these titles, you’re guaranteed a good time…

Book adaptations released in 2018

It has surely happened to you before: you went to see a movie, you loved it, then discovered it was adapted from a book, so you read the book too, and, yes, you loved it as well! So many films and TV series these days are adapted from books, it is hard to keep track. To help you stay on top on the many TV and film releases this year, we have compiled a timeline of some of the most awaited book adaptations being released as films or TV series in the forthcoming months. You can watch the trailer, and if you get impatient… You can read the book!

Click on the pic below to access the timeline.

Book adaptations released in 2018