Our selection of ebook releases (2/8/2013)

by Lara

One could almost believe that the Twilight era is long gone, but since then, vampires and werewolves (as well as their slow-moving comrades known as zombies) have clearly taken the lead. If you have a thing for Supernatural Creatures of all kinds, take a look at our dedicated category and the latest releases:


Many of the latest movie releases and TV series are adapted from a novel or a non-fiction book. If you wish to read the book that inspired the screen version, browse our category Media Tie-In:


One of the novels we recommend this week is Wise Men by Stuart Nadler, a beautiful tale of love and regret tangled with race and death over five decades. The publisher of this gem is Reagan Arthur Books – home of Tina Fey’s hilarious Bossypants as well as Ian Rankin’s latest installment in the John Rebus series.


Among the rest of our weekly recommendations, you’ll find the story of a pre-teen pop star, a chilling thriller, a literary essay on the verge of a memoir, and a science-fiction novel for young adults; in short, there’s a story for everyone!