Send to Readmill

by Hadrien

Readmill is a community of readers based around an elegant iPad app.

A recent update brought PDF and DRM support to Readmill, and in order to celebrate this ability to read any book available on Feedbooks we’ve added support for the “Send to Readmill” button.


On any of our public domain or original books page, you’ll find a new “Send to” block that contains a “Send to Readmill” button. With a single click, your book will be instantly sent to your own personal Readmill library and synced with your iPad.

This button also works in the store: as long as you’ve bought the book it will show up and provide an easy way to send your book to Readmill.

We’re very excited by this new development, as we believe that it makes the experience extremely easy for our iPad users.

“Send to Readmill” is also the first service to rely on the brand new “OPDS callback” feature from our OPDS support. As more and more reading applications extend their support for OPDS, discovering and reading great books will get easier than ever.