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Aldiko: EPUB reader for Android with Feedbooks integration

What is Aldiko? Aldiko is an ebook reading application that runs on any Android phone and which enables you to easily download and read thousands of books right on your smartphone. We’re glad to announce that this new EPUB reading system, capable of downloading content directly from Feedbooks is now available. We’ve worked with our […]

Reading ePub on the XO with FBReader

The XO-1 from the OLPC project has a great potential as an e-book reading device: it is the first device with a dual-mode display and you can turn the screen to use it like a tablet. It can work either like a normal LCD screen, or like an epaper device that you can read in […]

ePub support on Feedbooks

Feedbooks launched its second file format supported: ePub. This new format is an initiative from IDPF, supported by companies such as Adobe, Amazon, Sony or Harper Collins, to create a standard for e-books. Feedbooks is the first website to massively support ePub, and the only service currently capable of generating ePub files on the fly. […]