Feedbooks integration into Goodreads

par Hadrien

Feedbooks integration into Goodreads

Goodreads, one of the most popular social networks for book lovers, just launched a new feature: a full integration with our public domain catalog at Feedbooks. A download button is now available on the page of a book if it is distributed through Feedbooks, providing direct links to ePub, Mobipocket and PDF versions.

A good portion of our catalog is already linked from Goodreads, but we’ll work with the team behind Goodreads in the upcoming weeks to extend the selection (books with no ISBN for example can be problematic).

Working with social networks dedicated to books is a very interesting opportunity from our perspective: it’ll expose millions of readers to e-books. Integrating downloads is a first step, and there’s a lot of potential killer features that we could imagine around such an integration between Feedbooks (we’re basically a cloud publishing and distribution service) and Goodreads.

Update: Otis from Goodreads just posted something on their blog: Integration with Feedbooks gives us ebook galore!