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Our selection of ebook releases

Big BrotherLionel Shriver

Entry IslandPeter May

Ancillary Justice

Ann Leckie’s debut novel and first book in a trilogy was the winner of this year’s Hugo Award for Best Novel: suffice it to say that we’re pretty enthusiast for the rest of her trilogy! Meanwhile, you can discover which past winners of the Hugo Award are available in ebook.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North: A novel

Richard Flanagan has been selected for the Man Booker Prize longlist, alongside bestselling novelists such as David Nicholls or David Mitchell. You can see which titles are available in ebook on this page.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage: A novel

If you are not ready to jump into his previous novel, discover Haruki Murakami’s previous works for €4.99 only!

The Ripper Affair

If you are done with the rilogy and are looking for similar reads, take a look at our dedicated category!

Spend a chilling summer with Feedbooks

Whether you’re going someplace warm this summer, or, like us, someplace a little bit colder (hint: it is related to this title), it is always pleasant to dive in a chilling read that makes your body temperature suddenly drop to zero. With Feedbooks, you are all set!


If you live in Europe, this is for you: discover a selection of 25 titles for £1.99, with modern classics by brilliant writers such as Denise Mina, Tami Hoag, Robert Craig, A,drew Pyper or Raymond Khoury. A great way to fill up your reader for next to nothing!

The SignStill MidnightThe SentryDown the Darkest Road


Does a frightening read work better in a cold environment? Given the recent success of major Scandinavian releases, there seems to be a link between fear and low temperature! On Feedbooks, you can browse all the latest releases in Nordic literature.

The G FileTo the Top of the MountainThe Murder of Harriet KrohnBlack Lies, Red Blood

And you can also discover our selection of Icelandic fiction!

Last RitualsIndependent PeopleJar CityThe Blue Fox


If you like your summer reads to be on the supernatural side, take a look at our dedicated category Occult & Supernatural.

Bliss HouseThe FuriesNorthanger AbbeyThe Changeling Garden



Our selection of ebook releases

If you have no idea what to read this weekend, take a look at our recap, with diverse recommendations who should please any reader, from the SF enthusiast to the literary fiction fan!

Interview of Adelle Waldman

Discover all of our interviews in our dedicated section, with Shannon Burke, Xiaolu Guo, Emma Healey, Herman Koch and many more authors!

The Heist

Gabriel Allon, James Bond, Jason Bourne… Do these names ring a bell? If they do, discover their adventures in our dedicated category!

Life Drawing
Any literary fiction enthusiast will have a field day with our Selection, including the best in literary classics and brilliant debut novels!

Map of summer reads

Thanks, The Book Trail! Summer is only halfway through, it’s still time to choose where you want to go on the map!

Half a King

Check out the latest releases in Young Adult Fantasy, with Paula Weston, Sarah McCarry, Rebecca Maizel…

Our selection of ebook releases

To Kill a Mockingbird

America’s most beloved book is now available in ebook, for those who prefer to always have their books in their pocket!

California: A Novel

“If you want a story about personal relationships and the consequences of the choices we make with a frighteningly plausible dystopian landscape as a backdrop, pick up California.”: here is what the literary website Lit Reactor said about the novel, and we strongly support their recommendation and depiction of the novel (but it is also possible to browse our Post-Apocalyptic category if you want it to be the key element!).

Nobody Is Ever Missing

Will the procession of brilliant debut novels ever come to an end? We surely hope not, and neither does the Art Seidenbaum Award, which rewards first published fictions.

Last Stories and Other Stories

Any trouble catching up on William T. Vollmann’s impressive number of publications? Discover all of his releases available in ebook (this should substantially extend your reading list!).

Young Skins

We learned from literary masters such as Alice Munro that short stories as just as worthy of literary praise as their long-format version: discover the latest releases in the Short Story category and what we particularly recommend.

The Wurms of BlearmouthThe High Druid's Blade: The Defenders of ShannaraThe Shadow Throne

Terry Brooks may be a master of epic fantasy, but he is not the only one: discover all the latest releases in this category!

Our selection of ebook releases

There might be a shortage of suncream in your beach bag, but there’s never any shortage of book publications! Discover what we recommend and what we have selected for you in our weekly recap.


A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing

And that’s no less than a fourth win for A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing by Eimear McBride! Discover the past winners of the Desmond Elliott Prize, the Women’s Prize for Fiction, the Goldsmiths Prize and the Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award.


iThe String DiariesThree Light-YearsFriendshipA Possibility of Violence

The OrendaThe Girl Who Was Saturday NightThe Blind Assassin: A NovelA Tale for the Time Being


Upstairs at the Party

Discover what your favorite critics and bloggers said about the latest releases in literary fiction and find out if you should rather read the latest Dave Eggers or Emily Gould’s debut novel!

The Rhesus Chart

If you are already familiar with Charles Stross, discover many more titles in British Science-Fiction with great new releases by Laline Paull, Christopher Priest, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter…