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Revise your geography skills with our selection of new ebook releases

Back to school, everyone. Sharpen your pencils, move the sunscreen away, and have a decent look at the planisphere, and ask yourself this question: are you unbeatable in geography? If not, we’re here to help you, reader! Click on the images and you’ll discover where these books can take you.

A timeline of classic American fiction

For the 4th of July, we’re offering you a timeline of classic American fiction: in a nutshell, a selection of classic American novels and short stories that you can download for free from our public domain section! From Mark Twain to Kate Chopin, there is plenty for you to read while the barbecue’s heating up…

Summer literary tips

There may be lots of lists advising you which book to read depending on how warm or cold it is outside, but we’re not really sure if there is such a thing as summer reading. Should a beach-themed book be discarded as soon as September approaches? Should you avoid bringing the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture with you on holiday? We think you should actually bring it because it’s as necessary as it gets, and also because you should be able to read whatever you want whenever you want! That being said, if you’d like to explore diverse literary paths this summer, we have a few tips for you below.


A History of Money: A NovelThe Cost of CourageHaints StayThe Anger Meridian


The Meursault InvestigationThe Four BooksSigns Preceding the End of the WorldAlexandrian Summer


Love + HateRadishThe Need for Better Regulation of Outer SpaceMake Something Up


Death and Mr PickwickA Little LifeThe Life of Saul BellowDead Wake

Can you guess our book recommendations?

We love recommending books and having people read what we think are fantastic titles. But this time we thought we would make the recommendation a little bit more interactive! See the symbols below: which books do you think they represent?

Scandinavia in fiction: a visual overview

If you’re interested in Nordic literature since you read a handful of Nordic noir novels, or if you are planning to a trip to Scandinavia and in need of literary landmarks, browse our map below and wander through the north with Knausgaard, Tove Jansson, and many more authors…