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Our selections and ebook recommendations of the week (02/27/2015)

In this week’s selections, we recommend new releases in fiction and nonfiction that caught our attention and should definitely hold yours! You’ll also find a selection of titles we recommend related to the news headlines.

What we recommend this week

If you know a thing or two about the New York music scene from the 1980’s, the name of Kim Gordon should ring a bell. Member of the cult band Sonic Youth and ultimate cool girl, Gordon just released her memoir Girl in a Band, looking back on several decades in one of the most revered and respected bands of our time and on her personal experience beyond this environment.

Girl in a Band

Do you sometimes wish you could crawl under people’s skin and literally inhabit their body and watch the world through their eyes? Such is the premise of Claire North’s latest novel Touch, a novel that was deemed “touching, horrifying, magnificent” by NPR book critic Amal El-Mohtar, and sounds chilling enough to make you want to crack the book open right away.


Have we come to a point where science has explained everything there is to know about anything? In his fascinating book To Explain the World, Steven Weinberg looks back on centuries of advancement and knowledge in science and how this knowledge is integrated in our daily lives and in the way we look at the world.

To Explain the World

What’s happening in the world? Here are some books that might help you understand

CubaDon't Be Afraid of the Bullets: An Accidental War Correspondent in YemenThis Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The ClimateDataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking)

Choose your Valentine’s Day read

Are you more interested in zombie love or in alien love? Would you rather read a love story in a gothic atmosphere or in a dystopian setting?
Choose the Valentine’s Day read you want in our word cloud below, and discover the titles we suggest for each word!

Follow the news by reading books

Do you feel like you are constantly bombarded with news headlines on your computer, on your phone, on the radio, or on TV? Get a fresh perspective with our suggested reads: every headline is linked to a book dealing with this subject.

Our selections and ebook recommendations of the week (30/01/2015)

Tuesday was Holocaust Memorial Day; in remembrance, we have a few literary recommendations, with autobiographical accounts by Shoah survivors such as Elie Wiesel, as well as fictional writings on the subject. The list is not finite, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments if there is a title we should include to enrich the selection.

FatelessnessIn the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's BerlinAuschwitzNight

If Marilynne Robinson ranks among your favorite authors… Or if you think the thriller genre is deeply indebted to Patricia Highsmith… Or if you looked back on your last reading year and realized that you had read far more books written by men than by women… You might be interested in the latest releases published by Virago, committed to publishing new women writers and reissuing out-of-print titles by cult authors such as Patricia Highsmith, Mary Renault, and many more great writers.

Little Tales of MisogynySouthpawOn the Wilder Shores of LoveI'll Have What She's HavingSubmerged

Lastly, here are the latest releases we personally recommend this week: there should be enough genres in this selection to please everyone!

Playlist for the DeadMr. Mac and MeThe SacrificeA Cold LegacyLurid & Cute

This winter’s new releases in five words

No time to read what the critics said about the latest releases? If you want to pick your next read based on only one word, we think we might be able to help! Discover some of this winter’s most exciting releases, in five words…


Her: A NovelThe Girl on the Train: A NovelThe Rabbit Back Literature Society


The Rosie Effect: A NovelThe Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again!Hall of Small Mammals: Stories


The Galaxy GameAmnesia: A novelGoodhouse


Loitering: New & Collected EssaysOutlineThe Glass Cage


The First Bad Man: A NovelGlow: A novelBonita Avenue: A Novel