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50 states of fiction

In the midst of summer, we were delighted to read this rich and erudite article from the New York Times’ reporters recommending books that best depict their regions, and we strongly suggest you take a look at it if you haven’t already: Of Thee I Read: The United States in Literature.

Now, browsing our catalog, we couldn’t help but wonder at the wide range of novels and story collections written about the US. California, Texas, Louisiana… You can instantly picture a novel being set there. In that spirit we have compiled a selection of 50 fiction titles downloadable from our catalog, and added them on this map.

Feel free to browse, zoom in and discover which title we have selected for each state!

From books to TV and movies : a 2016 timeline

You might be one of those committed readers with the 2016 resolution of, at last, reading and completing War and Peace. But guess what? If you find it too daunting, there is a TV adaptation being released very soon. Many other novels, recent or not, will be adapted to the small and the big screen this year, and to help you figure out which one you want to read first, visit our timeline!

(Click on the image to access the full timeline)
Book adaptations in 2016

Aldiko is available for iOS

We are delighted to announce that the Aldiko reading app is now available for iOS. Aldiko has already been downloaded more than 27 million times on Android.

Aldiko for iOS

The main features offered on the Android version are now available for iOS, for a quality reading experience. Directly from within the app, you can access the free Feedbooks catalog, with more than 5,000 public domain titles in five languages, and more than 100,000 previews for the catalog in English.

With Aldiko, you can customize your reading experience as you wish. You can notably choose the font size, the font type, and the background color, or adjust the margin, the alignment, and the screen brightness. Want to highlight a passage you liked, or add a bookmark? Easy! You can also add a note and do a word search within the book.

Aldiko allows you to organize your personal library: you can sort your bookshelf by author, collection, tag or category. In “My Catalogs”, you can add your Dropbox or import your favorite ebook catalogs and download ebooks directly within Aldiko.

Borrowing ebooks from your local libraries

With Aldiko, you can now borrow and return ebooks from a nearby library. This service is available directly within the app.

To discover this feature and add your favorite libraries, go to “Libraries” in the left column in Aldiko. Then, after you hit the button “Add” in the top right corner of the app, you can search for libraries, and to do so you have three possibilities:

– allowing Aldiko to access your location so that the app can suggest nearby libraries

– searching for a library directly in the search bar

– displaying all the libraries with a list by country and by region

Once you have found the library you want to add, hit the “+” button on the right. The library will be added to the section “My libraries”. From there, you can access the library’s ebook catalog, log in to your user account, and borrow ebooks.

If you borrow a book, it will appear in your Aldiko bookshelf, with a label on the cover indicating how much time you have left before it expires. To return a book, you just have to touch and hold the cover and to select “Return”.

Feel free to watch this video to discover a bit more about how it works!

Please note that the version of this app is currently optimized for iPhone, but it will soon be optimized for iPad. You can download Aldiko on iTunes.

Discover our recommended Halloween reads

Looking for something to put you in the mood for Halloween (apart from candy corns)? Why not spend some time with our literary pumpkin below and download a few scary stories guaranteed to give you the chills?
Most of the titles are public domain that you can download for free!

Details about the Aldiko 3.0.16 update

Thanks to the latest version of Aldiko Book Reader (which you can download here), it is easier to log in to your Feedbooks account and to read your books.

  • You can now log in via Facebook, Google or with an email address (if you already have a Feedbooks account) on this interface:

  • If you want to create an Aldiko-Feedbooks account with an email address, tap the button “Log in with email” and you will be able to register by clicking a link below the log in interface.


  • If you are a first-time Aldiko user, an Aldiko-Feedbooks Vendor-ID will automatically be attributed to you: this means that you won’t have to create an Adobe ID to read DRM-protected ebooks bought on Feedbooks.
  • For current Feedbooks users, you can add the Adobe ID you’ve been using on Aldiko by following these steps: go to the “About” section, then choose “DRM Accounts”. You can add several DRM Accounts on Aldiko, but you can only use one account at once. You can see which account is active with the ticked box icon on the right.


  • To import the ebooks you’ve previously bought on Feedbooks, go to “Feedbooks store”, then hit the three dots in the top right corner of the app. You will be asked to log in to your Feedbooks account, and your books will be imported to your bookshelf.