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Details about the Aldiko 3.0.16 update

Thanks to the latest version of Aldiko Book Reader (which you can download here), it is easier to log in to your Feedbooks account and to read your books.

  • You can now log in via Facebook, Google or with an email address (if you already have a Feedbooks account) on this interface:

  • If you want to create an Aldiko-Feedbooks account with an email address, tap the button “Log in with email” and you will be able to register by clicking a link below the log in interface.


  • If you are a first-time Aldiko user, an Aldiko-Feedbooks Vendor-ID will automatically be attributed to you: this means that you won’t have to create an Adobe ID to read DRM-protected ebooks bought on Feedbooks.
  • For current Feedbooks users, you can add the Adobe ID you’ve been using on Aldiko by following these steps: go to the “About” section, then choose “DRM Accounts”. You can add several DRM Accounts on Aldiko, but you can only use one account at once. You can see which account is active with the ticked box icon on the right.


  • To import the ebooks you’ve previously bought on Feedbooks, go to “Feedbooks store”, then hit the three dots in the top right corner of the app. You will be asked to log in to your Feedbooks account, and your books will be imported to your bookshelf.


Our book recommendations, summarized

If I drew a scar on my forehead, what would you immediately think about? Yes, I am referring to this wizard. You know a novel is cult when you talk about it with one mere image, and still everyone will know what you are referring to.
In the picture below, we have gathered eight novels released in the past few weeks. Will they achieve cult status? We cannot know for sure, but in the meantime we’ve tried to summarize them with one icon for each novel! Can you guess what they correspond to?

Latin American literature on Feedbooks

If you ever wondered which Latin American authors were available in English and in ebook, look no further: we have compiled a cloud with all the Latin American authors whose works are available on Feedbooks. If you click on the name of an author, you’ll be redirected to the list of the works you can download on Feedbooks! Now, back to that Clarice Lispector novella…

Revise your geography skills with our selection of new ebook releases

Back to school, everyone. Sharpen your pencils, move the sunscreen away, and have a decent look at the planisphere, and ask yourself this question: are you unbeatable in geography? If not, we’re here to help you, reader! Click on the images and you’ll discover where these books can take you.

A timeline of classic American fiction

For the 4th of July, we’re offering you a timeline of classic American fiction: in a nutshell, a selection of classic American novels and short stories that you can download for free from our public domain section! From Mark Twain to Kate Chopin, there is plenty for you to read while the barbecue’s heating up…