ePub support on Feedbooks

par Hadrien

Feedbooks launched its second file format supported: ePub. This new format is an initiative from IDPF, supported by companies such as Adobe, Amazon, Sony or Harper Collins, to create a standard for e-books. Feedbooks is the first website to massively support ePub, and the only service currently capable of generating ePub files on the fly.

In the near future, ePub support should be available on e-paper devices (the new Sony PRS-505 will support it), but also on smartphones, PDA, PMP etc… For additional details on ePub support, I recommend reading this post from Nick Bogaty on Teleread: http://www.teleread.org/blog/?p=7108

There’s a few ways you can already use ePub files, the most commonly used software is Adobe Digital Editions, a new application that might replace Adobe Acrobat Reader in the future.

Adobe DE View 1 Adobe DE View 2 Adobe DE View 3

For those of you looking for a mobile enabled software or using *nix based OS, FBReader can also read .epub files (no table of contents or CSS support yet). FBReader is available on the iLiad (Adam B. is working on a new port) and also on the Nokia N770/N800.

FBReader View

Finally, for those of you using Firefox, an extension allows ePub support directly in your browser: OpenBerg.

All of our public domain books are already available in ePub, and we’ll add ePub support for user generated contents and RSS feeds in the upcoming weeks.

We’ll keep working on improving and adding diversity to our technology, and our next “output” should be quite different, something for casual readers and not for e-paper devices.

Update: Added our “similar books” to the ePub files. We’ll add the ePub output for user generated content in the upcoming days. RSS to ePub support is the next milestone on our to-do list.