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Revise your geography skills with our selection of new ebook releases

Back to school, everyone. Sharpen your pencils, move the sunscreen away, and have a decent look at the planisphere, and ask yourself this question: are you unbeatable in geography? If not, we’re here to help you, reader! Click on the images and you’ll discover where these books can take you.

Scandinavia in fiction: a visual overview

If you’re interested in Nordic literature since you read a handful of Nordic noir novels, or if you are planning to a trip to Scandinavia and in need of literary landmarks, browse our map below and wander through the north with Knausgaard, Tove Jansson, and many more authors…

Discover our map and timeline of historical fiction

Do you like historical fiction? Do you prefer to read about WWI or about the Middle Ages? How about reading a historical novel set in Russia? In the map and timeline created by Feedbooks, you will able to navigate through the latest releases in historical fiction, through time and space! Click on the image below […]

Discover this year’s fiction from all around the world

Many of this year’s best-of lists are dominated, if not entirely composed of works written in English, although we saw incredible works being translated and published this year in the US and in the UK. In this interactive guide to the Feedbooks catalog, you can discover all the latest releases in fiction according to the […]

Download free classics in their original language with our literary maps of Paris, London, Madrid and Rome

Feedbooks is a multilingual book retailer with catalogs in five languages, including our public domain section, and we have worked together to offer you four maps geolocating free classics in their original language set in Paris, London, Madrid and Rome. Click on any marker and a pop-up will open with the cover of the book, […]