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2014 in 41 interviews

In order to offer you the best recommendations in fiction and nonfiction, we try to read as many latest releases as our eyes and brain allow us to, but finishing a book often leaves us with tons of questions and whatifs! That’s why the opportunity to interviews authors is always a really enjoyable and often eye-opening moment, and […]

Exclusive interview of Jane Austen

We’ve been trying to get a hold of her publicist for quite some time now–but it’s official: Jane Austen said yes to an exclusive interview for Feedbooks! We’re very excited and very pleased to offer you this one-of-a-kind interview, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did! Jane Austen, thank you for […]

A year in interviews: selected words from 25 authors

We had the pleasure to interview 25 authors this year: what are their main themes or preoccupations? What are their intentions, their goals, what do they want to achieve through their work? Find out in a selection of every interview published on Feedbooks in 2013. A certain sense of place Some novels benefit from having […]

A year in interviews: words from the authors

Nineteen interviews were published this year on Feedbooks. What did authors talk about in 2012? What were their main themes, preoccupations, interests? America: its strengths, weaknesses, fights and contradictions About women’s rights: “It’s not just Obama’s election that gives me hope. In the legislative races also, all the worst crazies—those opposed to contraception and abortion, […]

Interviews on Feedbooks

Lately on Feedbooks, we have been publishing interviews more and more regularly. There are already sixteen interviews available. We do not necessarily choose to interview reknown authors whose books are already praised by every newspaper and magazine. Every day, we index the newest releases and we read the latest chronicles and press articles. We can […]