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Our book recommendations, summarized

If I drew a scar on my forehead, what would you immediately think about? Yes, I am referring to this wizard. You know a novel is cult when you talk about it with one mere image, and still everyone will know what you are referring to. In the picture below, we have gathered eight novels […]

Latin American literature on Feedbooks

If you ever wondered which Latin American authors were available in English and in ebook, look no further: we have compiled a cloud with all the Latin American authors whose works are available on Feedbooks. If you click on the name of an author, you’ll be redirected to the list of the works you can […]

Summer literary tips

There may be lots of lists advising you which book to read depending on how warm or cold it is outside, but we’re not really sure if there is such a thing as summer reading. Should a beach-themed book be discarded as soon as September approaches? Should you avoid bringing the Senate Intelligence Committee Report […]

Can you guess our book recommendations?

We love recommending books and having people read what we think are fantastic titles. But this time we thought we would make the recommendation a little bit more interactive! See the symbols below: which books do you think they represent?

Discover the most reviewed titles this spring

Spring is coming… And it brings a whole new batch of great releases along! Discover which authors got the most reviews this spring, listed in a nice flowery fashion. Every author name on the image is linked to the page where you can download the book. Created with