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Choose your Valentine’s Day read

Are you more interested in zombie love or in alien love? Would you rather read a love story in a gothic atmosphere or in a dystopian setting? Choose the Valentine’s Day read you want in our word cloud below, and discover the titles we suggest for each word! Created with

Follow the news by reading books

Do you feel like you are constantly bombarded with news headlines on your computer, on your phone, on the radio, or on TV? Get a fresh perspective with our suggested reads: every headline is linked to a book dealing with this subject. Created with

Our selections and ebook recommendations of the week (30/01/2015)

Tuesday was Holocaust Memorial Day; in remembrance, we have a few literary recommendations, with autobiographical accounts by Shoah survivors such as Elie Wiesel, as well as fictional writings on the subject. The list is not finite, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments if there is a title we should include to enrich the selection. […]

This winter’s new releases in five words

No time to read what the critics said about the latest releases? If you want to pick your next read based on only one word, we think we might be able to help! Discover some of this winter’s most exciting releases, in five words… CHILLING EXHILARATING FUTURISTIC THOUGHT-PROVOKING WILD

Our selection of ebook releases

My Life as a Foreign Country by Brian Turner NYT: “Man must look at what he has done. And Turner looks, brilliantly” — Feedbooks (@feedbooks) January 12, 2015 And if you’re interested in the subject of war and its aftermath in fiction, we highly recommend our selection with great authors such as Phil Klay, […]