Our selection of ebook releases (1/18/2013)

by Lara

Discover the latest releases we have selected this week and browse the catalog with a focus on German literature, political science, and Young Adult science-fiction.

Nele Neuhaus is a bestselling author in her country – Germany -, but American readers only discover her now with her first novel translated in English: Snow White Must Die. If you want a gripping mystery and are also looking for a new voice in crime literature, look no further. If you like German literature, discover the latest releases we recommend:


When it comes to history essays, it takes talent and effort to please both the general audience and specialists. If you’re interested in Eastern Europe or are simply eager to have a different outlook on what is Europe’s recent history, three recent books have won our approval:


There are new releases every day in our Young Adult section. Since it’s not only for young readers, here are the books we talk about this week in the category Young Adult science-fiction:


And discover the rest of our recommendations: the 18th book in the Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin, the epic fantasy follow-up to Seven Princes in the series Books of the Shaper, a “funny, poignant, and terrifying” novel about alcoholism, and a creepy thriller that will keep you up all night.